About Us


"Life is good... there's ice cream!"®

Over the last 34 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting a selection of the most decadent, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth delights. Each of our treats is carefully assembled by hand and made with the freshest and finest ingredients. From our fruity sorbets to the classic ice cream cookie sandwich, all of our products seek to satisfy sweet cravings of all sorts with uncompromising quality.

Over time, our line of gourmet treats has accumulated a loyal following who see them as an iconic staple within their community. Our goods have been sold at various community events from the East Lansing Art Fair, Folk and Blues Festivals, to a long-term run at all MSU Spartan Sports arenas. 

Having this stellar fan base is both an honor and a big reason why we continue to serve today. There is nothing quite like the bright smile and sticky fingers of a customer indulging in their favorite treat. It's that kind of customer satisfaction that makes our work so fulfilling. 






437 North Larch Street
Lansing, MI 48912



By appointment - please call

or: info@meltingmoments.com